I’m Jesús.

Born in the most beautiful city in Spain. Architect student at the University of Granada surrounded by Erasmus people. I was also one of them in Brussels, there I learned to love beer. Lover of lost causes, I made a master’s degree in sustainable architecture in Barcelona.

Tired of a profession that has put aside human beings and their own professionals I became an entrepreneur. The design world trapped me forever so I decided to become UX designer. That’s why I came to Madrid to get a top knowledge and useful skills thanks to Redbility wisdom.

UX Research & Strategy

Detecting needs, through numerous techniques, in order to find solutions that improve the user experience.

Sketching & Prototyping

Conceptualize ideas precisely to reduce the gap between prototype and product so development phase is optimized.

Visual Desing

A well-designed product that is also beautiful, it is an outstanding product.